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Title: A model of sustainable economic development
Authors: Nguyen Huu So
Vu Thuy Anh
Keywords: sustainable economic development
Issue Date: 2011
Series/Report no.: Code: KT.08.06;
Duration: 2008 - 2009;
Implementing institution: University of Economics and Business, VNU;
Language: en
Abstract: Project title: A model of sustainable economic development
Description: Objectives: The research report reviews literature on the world’s major issues of sustainable economic development; studies a number of models as well as experience of some countries including Vietnam in implementing different modes of economic development. This serves as a basis for pointing out the features which should be taken into consideration in order to fast and effectively build a model of sustainable economic development for Vietnam. Main contents: The report both overviews and develops the notion of sustainable economic development in the current Vietnamese context and based on a number of models of economic development in some selected countries. The report compares these models with that of Vietnam; critically evaluates the past activities towards sustainable economic development, which serves as the ground for drawing experience and highlighting guidelines and measures for attaining the goal of building a model for sustainable economic development and initiating sustainable economic development for Vietnam. Results obtained: • The following are the author’s published articles either related to or as a result of the above-named research: • “The effect of the agricultural economic development policy”, the Agriculture and Rural Development, June 2003. • “Natural environment and economic growth in our country”, VNUH University of Economics and Business Institutional Research Project, Code: KT.06.04, 2007. • “Globalization, growth and poverty in integration into the world economy”, the Communist, No.782, December 2007. • “Efforts towards the global climate stability”, the Communist, the Fact File Feature, No.221, 2007. • “Poverty alleviation in Vietnam in integration into the world economy”, Special Vietnam National University, Hanoi Institutional Research project, Code: KQ-06-05, 2008. • “Poverty alleviation challenges to the goal of sustainable development in Vietnam”, theLabor and Society, No.313 + 314, October 2008. • “Experience in sustainable economic development in some countries and its lessons for Vietnam”, the North-East Asia Studies, No.4 (98), April 2009.
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