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Title: The Role of Vietnam State in the integration process into WTO
Authors: Anh, Nguyen Thuy
Anh, Le Van
Keywords: Vietnam State
integration process into WTO
Issue Date: 21-Apr-2011
Series/Report no.: Code: KT.06.01;
Duration: 2006 - 2007;
Participants: University of Economics and Business - Vietnam national university, Hanoi;
Participants: University of Economics and Business - Vietnam national university, Hanoi;
Language: en
Abstract: Project title: The Role of Vietnam State in the integration process into WTO
Description: Targets: Basing on the analysis on economic role of State in the globalization process, the research focuses on analysis and assessment on the status of State's economic role; hence recommends some solutions to improve such role in the integration process. Contents and results: All arguments and basic situation on globalization and international economic integration (concepts, characteristics and regulations) are listed in a system. On such basis, the economic role of the State is clarified, especially in developing countries during process of globalization and international economic integration. That is the important argument used in the research. Basing on the overview analysis on international economic integration process in general since 1991, and Vietnam's WTO integration in particularly, the State's economic role in the process of WTO integration was clarified in fields of: Building and completing administration regulations for integration, including reformation in laws, administration finance and State Administration; Controlling macro-economy and stipulating growth; Reforming and trade liberalization including policies on trading, tariff and non-tariff, foreign exchange and exchange rate Policies to attract foreign direct investment including direct investment and official development aids. Meanwhile, the research also releases logical assessment on the State's economic role in the WTO integration process in view of both achievements and difficulties and main causes of such difficulties as well basing on the relation between the State and the market, capability, or operational and managerial mechanism of the State, etc. In view of policies and trends on WTO integration with opportunities and challenges by the Communist Party, the research recommend seven (07) groups of measures including: reforming the State's Administration, Enterprise System, developing infrastructure, improving the direct abroad investment conditions; man power training and completing finance - banking system Two (02) Bachelors of Art on such major was successful with this research. Publications: The role of Vietnam in the international economic integration (expectedly published in Law - Economy scientific magazine and international economy magazine - 2007).
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