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Title: Liberalization of the theoretical finance, international experiences and current issues for Vietnam
Authors: Ha, Tran Thi Thai
Nghia, Le Xuan
Nghia, Nguyen Huu
Keywords: Liberalization
theoretical finance
Issue Date: 21-Apr-2011
Series/Report no.: Code: QG.04.25;
Duration: 2004 - 2006;
Presiding Institution: Vietnam National University, Hanoi;
Language: en
Abstract: Project title: Liberalization of the theoretical finance, international experiences and current issues for Vietnam
Description: Main contents: - With the methods of investigation, statistic, comparison, analysis, collection, the project: - Organizes systematically the theoretical aspects of financial liberalization. Especially, the project makes clearly the expenses and benefits of the financial liberalization, the principle issues to ensure the success and limit the risks of financial liberalization process. - Summarizes the experiences of some nations about the financial liberalization. As a result, there are more experiences on the coordination between the financial policy and monetary policy; issues of controlling the flow input and output funds; issues of financial transparency. - Bases on the analytic results of international experiences and the reality of Vietnamese financial system, the project proposes some suggestion about the policy and solutions for the process of financial liberalization in Vietnam. Publications: • Capital account liberalization - some theoretical aspects - Vietnam Economic Research Magazine, November 2006.
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