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Title: Development of Socialist-Oriented Market Economy in Vietnam
Authors: Dung, Pham Van
Issue Date: 22-Apr-2011
Series/Report no.: KX.04.07/06-10;
Duration: 2007 - 2010;
Presiding Institution: Vietnam National University, Hanoi;
Implementing institution: University of Economics and Business - VNU;
Language: en
Abstract: Project title: Development of Socialist-Oriented Market Economy in Vietnam. Reference code: KX.04.07/06-10, this research is a part of the state-level target program on science and technology entitled “Scientific Research on Political Theory, 2006 - 2010”
Description: Research objectives: A theoretical basis for socialist-oriented market economy in Vietnam was clarified. This is a very important basis for increased public awareness and proper actions which then leads to social consensus in order to implement this goal. Achievements and limitations of socialist-oriented market economy in Vietnam for the recent years have been pointed out. New contents for the development of the socialist-oriented market economy period 2011-2020 in Vietnam were interpreted and a system of viewpoints and measures to further develop it was proposed. By clarifying the above-mentioned issues, the research analyzed some urgent problems of Vietnam’s market economy, such as the interactive relationships between state and private sector; the government’s role and economic liberation; international economic integration and the implementation of socialism; basic conditions and institutions to ensure socialist orientated market economy in Vietnam… Through clarified political theories and realities of the socialist-oriented market economy in Vietnam, the research supplemented and further developed the Platform 1991 and drafted the 11th National Assembly Congress documents relating to the development of socialist-oriented market economy in Vietnam. The political theories of the socialist-oriented market economy in Vietnam are an important part of the political economic theory. Nowadays, in Vietnam, the research makes greater contributions to improved quality of political economics teaching and studying activities at higher and post graduate education, especially for the ones who are specialized in the field of political economics. Research contents: Chapter 1: The concepts of a market economy and a socialist-oriented market economy refer to the history, nature, typical characteristics, and conditions of a market economy in general and a “shortened” market economy in particular; intervention activities; government’s orientation in a number of typical market economies in the world; a socialist-oriented market economy has relationship between market economy and socialism; realities, contents and conditions are required for the implementation of socialist oriented market economy. Chapter 2: The current situation of implementation of socialist-oriented market economy in Vietnam refers to the Vietnam Communist Party’s viewpoints, a brief introduction of achievements that Vietnam’s socialist oriented market economy has gained for recent years and challenges that it is facing. Chapter 3: Viewpoints and measures to continue the implementation of socialist-oriented market economy in Vietnam discuss how new context have impacted on Vietnam’s market economy, and resolutions to continue the market economy in Vietnam in coming years.
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