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Title: Auxiliary industry in relation with foreign direct investment (FDI) in Vietnam
Authors: Trinh Thi Tuyet Mai
Nguyen Thanh Tuan
Keywords: Auxiliary industry
foreign direct investment
Issue Date: 2011
Series/Report no.: Group : QH-2004-E, International Economics;
Lecturer : Assoc.Prof. Dr. Phung Xuan Nha;
Prize : The first prize at university level;
Language: en
Abstract: Research aims and tasks: - Finding out the nature of auxiliary industry in relation with industrialization and modernisation in Vietnam. - Finding out the interdependence between FDI and auxiliary industry. - Finding out social and economic effects to suggest solutions to exploit positive sides and limit negative sides of auxiliary industry. Topic’s structure: - Chapter 1 : theoretical and practical basis. - Chapter 2 : situation of auxiliary industry in relation with FDI enterprises in Vietnam. Research achivements: Systematizing definitions related to auxiliary industry, and finding out the relation between auxiliary and foreign direct investment. Focusing on the situation of auxiliary in Vietnamin recent years in the general context of East- Asia and then suggest suitable solutions to consolidate it.
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